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Active Individual Angels

This list would not be possible without Rob Go.

  • Bill Sahlman – well known HBS professor and angel investor.
  • Shikhar Ghosh and Guli Arshad – former entrepreneurs and executives.  Investors in companies like Skyhook Wireless and BzzAgent.
  • Dave Balter – CEO of BzzAgent.  Investor in a few companies, also an active advisor to quite a few others.  Involved in Perk Street Financial and Runkeeper.
  • Steve Kane – Founder and CEO of 3 successful startups. Investor in companies including Pangea Media and Conduit Labs.
  • Andy Payne – Successful entrepreneur and OpenMarket co-founder.  Investor in companies including fansnap and and Shareaholic.
  • Dharmesh Shah – CTO and Co-founder of HubSpot.  Investor in companies including Visible Measures, OneForty and Shareaholic.
  • Stephen Kaufer – CEO and founder of Tripadvisor. He is listed as an investor at weddingbook.
  • Brian Shin – CEO of Visible Measures.  Investor in Shareaholic and Hubspot.
  • David Cancel – Founder of Compete.  Investor in Shareaholic and involved in a bunch of other companies like Geezeo and Visible Measures.
  • Don McLagan – Most recently, Don was Chairman, President and CEO of Compete, Inc. He is now involved as an investor in Fitness Keeper, and advisor to Localytics.
  • Scott Griffith – He has helped companies as an advisor, including runmyerrand.
  • Don Dodge – Former Microsoft executive and serial entrepreneur. He is an investor in CitySquares.
  • Ed Roberts – Chair of MIT Entrepreneurship Center. Investor in Shareaholic and Visible Measures.
  • Bill Warner – Founder of Avid Technologies, investor in Posterous.
  • Jean Hammond – Member of a few angel groups and founder of GoldenSeeds. Investor in JAM Technologies and Zipcar.
  • Sheila Marcelo – CEO of invested in

This is an incomplete list, so please add more folks in the comments. If anyone here would rather not be on this list, please feel free to contact us directly and we will remove you.


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